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6 Lesser-Known Facts About Alaska

6 Lesser-Known Facts About Alaska

The biggest U.S. state is known for being a great place to vacation and see countless wondrous sights. If you have an Alaskan vacation planned in the near future, you may find the following tidbits of information interesting to take in.

A Teen Designed the Flag

That’s right. Alaska’s flag design was thought of by a 13-year-old boy named Benny Benson. Long before it officially became a state, officials decided to ask students throughout the territory to come up with ideas for the layout and, in 1927, concluded that his interpretation that included the North Star and the Big Dipper was the right route to take.

Looking to Spot a Bear?

Alaska is known for being home to a lot of interesting and beautiful wildlife, and one of many is the black bear. In fact, it is thought that over 100,000 of these creatures live throughout the state. You can likely spot some, as well as many other interesting creatures, when you embark on one of our helicopter and dogsled tours. Check them out today.

Caribou Roam the State

There are around 32 herds of caribou throughout Alaska. While this number may not seem so surprising, it might shock you to learn that there are 900,000 caribou among these herds. Caribou, also known as reindeer, are able to stay warm, even in colder temperatures thanks to the way their fur is designed, and they are commonly known for their Christmas-y vibes.

There are Many Volcanoes

It is thought that there is over 70 possibly-active volcanoes throughout the entire area. These have been known to cause problems for aircraft, spread ash on towns and communities, and impact the livelihood of many villages.

It’s Home to Some of the Highest Peaks

If you look at a list of the 20 highest peaks throughout the United States, you will quickly realize that 17 of them are located in Alaska. These mountains are a beautiful sight to see, and you can get the best view possible when you book helicopter and dogsled tours during your next Alaskan vacation.

There are a High Number of Bald Eagles

Want to see the United State’s national bird in all of its glory? You won’t likely leave Alaska without getting a glimpse of the majestic bald eagle. Close to 30,000 live in the state, making them more populous here than any other state in the country.

Schedule Your Tour Today

The list of amazing sights and interesting tidbits associated with this state are endless, and you can easily learn more and see it all when you add dogsled tours or helicopter tours to your vacation to-do list. Dog sledding is something Alaska is well known for, and you can get the full experience by simple scheduling a time with us today.

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