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7 Best Things To Do In Anchorage

7 Best Things to Do In Anchorage

Alaska (The Last Frontier) is northwest of the West Coast. It is the largest state (geographically) in the United States.

Alaska has a longer coastline than the rest of the U.S combined – more than 34,000 miles. It is the only state that has coastlines on three seas: the Bering Sea, Arctic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

In The Last Frontier, tourists’ destinations are endless. So, if you are planning to do something special for your anniversary, or have a special wedding event, you might want to try some of these popular destinations: Juneau, Denali National Park, Preserve, Fairbanks, and Anchorage. In this article, we will focus on Anchorage, specifically.

7 Best Things to Do in Anchorage

1. Glacier Landing Tour via Helicopter

You can do something special for your anniversary by standing upon the historic Yanert Glacier. The glacier is fed from the cliff of Mt. Debora, which towers above the glacial valley. From take-off of the glacier flight, you’ll fly above the jagged peaks and rolling hills of Alaskan backcountry. And you’ll land on the glacier valley.

2. The Summer Dog Sled Tour
A visit to Anchorage is incomplete without a dog sled tour. Throughout the summer, you can still delight in dog sledding on a glacier. You’ll learn how to take a drive on a handcart and how to race with sled dogs. A whole litter of cute pooches pulls the pushcart.

The largest sporting event in Alaska is the Iditarod dog sledding competition.

3. Bear Viewing
Take a helicopter ride and watch the brown, black, and polar bears at Lake Clark, Chinitna Bay, Brook Falls, or Katmai National Park. You’ll see them in dozens; research shows that Alaska holds 100,000 black bears. Interestingly, while it’s allowed to shoot a bear in Alaska, waking a bear to take a photo is prohibited.

Where you go to see the bears depends on the stage of summer. The best season is at the onset of May and end of September. But if you want a closer and a safer view of the bears, head to the Alaska Zoo. If you are planning to do something special for your anniversary during the summer, bear viewing in Alaska should be in your line up.

4. The Bore Tide
These tides are the second-highest in North America. They can reach 40 feet. The ideal place to watch them is along Turnagain Arm – south of Anchorage. Knik Arm is another spot where you easily watch this natural phenomenon.

In particular, Bird Point, Beluga Point, and Indian are easily reachable by road. They are within a one hour drive.

Adventurous Alaska locals ride on these high tides on a board or a kayak – think of extreme surfing!

5. Flight Seeing Anchorage
Flight-seeing is an unforgettable way to see Anchorage by plane. In every direction, magnificent scenery abounds; from the mountains to the tidewater glaciers. To the northwest, you’ll see North America’s tallest peak, Denali (20,310 feet.) To the south, you’ll find the Kenai Peninsula which hosts the Kenai Fjords National Park.

6. Head for the Hills
Even if you have a few hours over the weekend, you can take a quick hike to the Flattop Mountain. It is among the most famous treks in Anchorage.

The eastern part of Anchorage holds the Chugach Mountains. They, too, have many hiking options, from the exciting scramble of O’Malley Peak to the sharp and gorgeous Bird Ridge.

7. Watch the Northern Lights
These are yellow, green, pink, and blue lights that sway the skies of Anchorage. They are also called the Aurora Borealis. The best views occur from September to April – not in the summer. The Knik River, Eklutna Tailrace, and Girdwood are the best spots to view the Northern Lights.

Whether you are planning to do something special for your anniversary or hold a corporate business meeting while still enjoying many vacation activities, the state of Alaska provides a perfect setting for various events. However, making reservations in advance is a great idea.

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