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A Once In A Lifetime Alaska Experience

A Once In a Lifetime Alaska Experience

There are several occasions in life when you want to do something really special, usually with a close loved one. If you are planning an upcoming trip to Alaska, have you considered a personal helicopter tour of Alaska? This incredible experience will undoubtedly lead to lifelong memories. What, exactly, makes Alaska helicopter tours so memorable?

First, there’s Alaska’s unique geography — out of the 20 highest peaks in the United States, 17 of them are in Alaska. Alaska’s bold geography is home to epic, 360-degree views of soaring mountain peaks, giant glaciers, and endless forests. These views simply can’t be fully appreciated on the ground. Additionally, Alaska is famous for its wildlife. The northern-most state features the largest population of bald eagles, approximately 30,000 birds, more than any other place in the United States of our national bird. And while the state is famous for its fierce grizzly bears, there are also an estimated 100,000 black bears living in Alaska.

From glacier flights to dog sledding to flightseeing, Alaska has so much breathtaking scenery to offer. If you would like to do something special for your anniversary or honeymoon, a helicopter tour in Alaska will sweep your partner off their feet.

Imagine yourself on a mountaintop with a beautiful background, like something out of a postcard. Such is an experience that you can give to your loved one when you take a helicopter tour of Alaska.

What can you expect on your helicopter tour? A helicopter tour is an exciting opportunity to view the world from a different angle. The beauty of this tour is that the helicopter flies at a modest pace and a lower altitude than most aircraft. This gives passengers a longer time to absorb and appreciate the natural scenery.

You can also land at the scene, without the need of a runway, and absorb the features entirely. Take some great scenic photos and create some beautiful memories. A helicopter tour in Alaska is a once in a lifetime experience.

ave never seen nature so beautiful and up close when you land right on top of it. It is impossible to forget such an experience. It is for these qualities that the helicopter tour has gained a lot of popularity, especially in Alaska.

Taking a helicopter tour anywhere in the world will make you appreciate nature in a way that you have never before. An excellent pilot tour guide will point out the most significant landmarks and allow you to get the most out your personal sightseeing experience.

Whether you are a visiting business executive, a honeymooning couple, or a sightseeing family of adventurers, a helicopter tour is a very fitting addition to your tour of Alaska. You can experience the wilds of nature only read about in geography lessons. Such an experience should be in everybody’s to-do list when visiting Alaska.

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