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Activities That You Can Engage In While On A Helicopter Tour In Anchorage, Alaska

Activities that You Can Engage in While on a Helicopter Tour in Anchorage, Alaska

A helicopter tour through the Alaskan skyline will show you the true breathtaking beauty of the picturesque ice-covered Alaskan landscape. These tours are a popular form of shore excursions. They can be a great investment, but they offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is worth every penny that you’ll spend on them. Single passenger tours are available as well as group tours that need you to tag along with your friends or family.

Glacier helicopter tours have many helicopters and if you book on time, you will not miss a helicopter to take you on your tour. Scenic glacier helicopter tours over Anchorage allow you to fly over beautiful and scenic features such as forests, mountain lakes, and more importantly the spectacular Alaskan icebergs and glaciers. The helicopter flights are also broken into stopovers that allow you to walk on the glaciers, take some photos, or even have a short dog sledding tour experience with Alaskan sled dogs.

What Should You Expect on Your Anchorage Helicopter Tour

Typical glacier helicopter tours start with an aerial view of the Alaskan landscape, which is characterized by majestic glaciers, forests, mountains, and mountain lakes. The amazing views of the expansive and vast rivers of ice are wonderful to the view by any visitor. Glaciers often appear beautiful and massive from the ground, but their awe-inspiring look and actual size can best be captured from the sky.

Be ready to capture this beauty from the sky while on your glacier helicopter tours. While on board, everyone gets a headset and the pilot who doubles up as a tour guide will talk to you throughout the flight to make highlights on all the sights that you fly over. The pilot will explain all the important information about the picturesque landscape.

After an extensive session of aerial viewing, your pilot will make a landing on the glaciers. This part of the sightseeing is the favorite part of the trip for most people that tour anchorage. It gives you a chance to step on to the icy ground to get a first-hand experience of what the Alaskan climate looks like. You’ll get a chance to walk around the mountains with thick layers of snow, breathe the fresh Alaskan air and touch the ice and if possible play some games with it.

A classic Alaskan adventure does not end without taking a ground tour with the sled dog team and their mushers. You can take a dogsled ride on real glacial ice in mid-summer’s amazing scenery. While on the ground tour, you will also get to see wildlife, which may include animals such as mountain goats, Dall sheep, black bears, and the moose. The national bird is also in plenty in the state of Alaska. The state is home to a population of approximately 30,000 birds, and this is the highest population in any one given area in the U.S.

The dog-sled ride experience is ideal for summer holidays because the sled dogs and their mushers live in the wild and pristine ice-covered sites all summer. If you’re an experienced rider, you can mush your own dog team by standing on the runners and using the harness. But if you aren’t, you can just sit on the sled and let mushers do what they do best. However, you should remember to equip yourself with crampons and glacier boots as well as some warm clothing because it’s cold out there.

Finally, before boarding back the helicopter, you can also engage in photography because the scenic landscape provides you with a perfect background. You can capture all your memories of this eventful tour on camera by taking photos or making videos of your tour across the sky and on the ground.

You can do something special for your anniversary by booking you helicopter tour early enough to avoid the last-minute hustle and possible tour hitches. That way, you’ll enjoy the awe-inspiring Alaskan ice-covered landscape.

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