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Adventurous Ways To See Alaska

Adventurous Ways to See Alaska

Even if you live in a part of the country with great natural beauty, the daily grind of work and the routine of life can start to feel stagnant and boring very quickly. Maybe you’ve been married for a while and want to do something special for your anniversary. Maybe you want to do something outside of the cliché trip to Vegas or a typical do-nothing visit to a sandy beach. The wild, wide-open natural scenery of Alaska affords adventure-seekers a way to satisfy the primal urge to be enveloped by nature, but with the safety and comfort of modern travel.

Whether you’re looking to do some sightseeing, plan a special wedding event, or go dog sledding as you gaze upon 17 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States, there’s something for everyone waiting in America’s 50th state.

Helicopter Ride

Depending on the time of year (and with a bit of luck) you can see black bears, grizzly bears, aurora borealis (the northern lights) in the same trip. One of the best ways to take in as much of Alaska’s natural beauty as possible in a brief amount of time is via helicopter tours.

With over 70 volcanoes (potentially active ones) in Alaska, massive peaks and beautiful glaciers, America’s largest state lends itself perfectly to a bird’s eye view.

Dog Sledding

On the other hand, the majestic peaks of “The Last Frontier” can also be admired for their beauty from ground level. If the thought of mushing through the Alaskan wilderness like an Iditarod racer appeals to you, tours by dogsled are an excellent way to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure safely and comfortably.

While there are plenty of sightseeing opportunities in Alaska that cater to the less adventurous crowd, you can easily and safely plan anything from a special anniversary event to a spontaneous getaway with a wilder itinerary in mind. Dogsled tours have been popular for decades, and they satisfy a longing for a very primal connection between humans, nature, and their long-time animal companions. On most tours, you have complete control over how involved in the process you are: whether you want to command the sled, or simply sit back and take in the views.

When thinking about your next vacation, keep in mind that chlorine-filled hotel pools and boring, long-winded tours don’t have to be your go-to. Whether you see Alaska by plane, dog sledding or helicopter, the beautiful and undisturbed wilderness can help you shake up your routine while providing the rest and relaxation that a vacation is supposed to provide.

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