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Join us for helicopter tours departing from Merrill Field Airport in downtown Anchorage year round.  These tours are great if you only have a day to play. Even if you just have an hour, we can get you out there and back in time for you next adventure.

Arriving or departing on an Alaska Cruise? Chances are you fly in or out of Anchorage and we can show you all the stuff you don’t see from the ship. Choose from a quick 30-minute flight into the wild Chugach Mountains to a landing on a glacier to explore the azure blue melt pools and the bizarre ice formations.

For winter visitors we have some ‘cool’ options as well: how about dogsledding with a real Iditarod musher and his team of canine athletes? They eat raw meat, run naked and sleep in the snow (the dogs that is; the mushers usually wear at least shorts).

If you are more of a motorhead choose our helicopter & snowmobile tours and rip up some deep pow. Dogsled and snowmobile tours are available in summer and winter.

Heli Tours Departing from Anchorage

Ship Creek Helicopter Tour

Mountains & Ocean

Leaving Merrill Field in the heart of downtown Anchorage, your flight will head east toward the front range of the Chugach Mountains where we meet up with Ship Creek at the Ft. Richardson Hydro-Dam. From…
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Anchorage Eagle Glacier Tour

Eagle Glacier Tour

Limited time and never seen a glacier up close? Look no further! The flight time for this tour is just under an hour and takes you east over the Chugach Mountains to Eagle Glacier, the closest glacier to...
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Alaska Glacier Landings

Knik Glacier Tour & Landings

Our signature flightseeing and glacier landing tour, available in three different versions. All tours include a glacier landing right in the middle of Knik Glacier, where you can get out of the helicopter and spend…

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Epic Adventures Fat Bike Tour

Epic Adventures

Are you one of those thrill seekers that have done it all and seen everything? Maybe not...we bet you never did a fat-bike helicopter tour, or kayaked on top of a glacier. How about exploring…

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Winter Dogsled Tour Anchorage

Winter Helicopter & Dogsled Tour

Our signature winter sightseeing and dogsled tour! Enjoy a scenic helicopter ride of approximately 25 minutes as we take you over the mountains to Willow. We land right next to the dog kennel where our…

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AK Winter Snowmobile Tour

Winter Helicopter & Snowmobile Tour

An adrenaline packed winter adventure! Enjoy a 25 minute scenic helicopter tour as the helicopter zips you over the mountains to our winter base in Willow. Your snowmobile (up here we call it 'snowmachine' or…

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Alaska Flightseeing Tours in Anchorage

With Alaska Helicopter Tours, you can experience first-hand the awe-inspiring magnitude of the natural history that has formed the unique Alaskan landscape over hundreds of millions of years. Our Alaska flightseeing tours in Anchorage come in a variety of different packages that allow for just about any type of adventure you want. From our winter base in Anchorage, you can embark on tours that you’ll not soon forget. Our helicopter tours from Anchorage are flexible and can include the following activities:

  • A winter helicopter and dogsled tour, featuring a 25-minute flight over the mountains to Willow, the dogsled capital of Alaska, where you’ll mush your own team of dogs—if you choose!
  • A winter helicopter and snowmobile tour that begins with a scenic helicopter flight to our base in Willow, where you’ll take to the trail on your own snowmachine.
  • An aerial tour of Anchorage that you can take, day or night, to see the beauty of the “Anchorage bowl” that stretches from the coastal lowlands up to the lower alpine slopes of the Chugach Mountains.
  • A tour of the mountains and ocean surrounding Anchorage, taking you east toward the front range of the Chugach Mountains and then circling south to the Turnagain Arm, with spectacular rural Alaskan scenery along the way.
  • A glacial landing helicopter tour from Anchorage, one of our signature options that takes you right to the middle of the Knik Glacier, with all of its beautiful melt pools, crevasses, and bizarre formations.

Alaska Helicopter Tours aims to give you exactly the outdoor experience you’ve envisioned. Our winter base in Anchorage has three daily transfers from most major hotels in the area, so getting to and from the base is simple. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the Alaska flightseeing tour in Anchorage that you’ve been dreaming of!

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