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Denali Helicopter Tours

If your travel plans take you to Denali, we have some incredible options for you. We are the only company offering tours to the famous Historic Sheldon Mountain House. Envisioned by Don Sheldon,arguably Alaska’s greatest bush pilot ever, the chalet is located in a spectacular setting at the base of Denali, North America’s highest mountain. This is a unique and very exclusive option and we are very excited to share it with you.

We have two shorter Denali flightseeing tours with remote landings. With incredible scenery all around you any of these tours will be a highlight of any Alaskan adventure. Remember: we can fly where the fixed wings guys cannot go, let alone land. When Denali is shrouded in clouds we head southwest towards the Kahiltna glacier and land on a mountain top. Or we go east into the Talkeetna Mountains and land at 6,000′ elevation right on top of a glacier, where we often see the top of Denali above the clouds. Our Pilot’s Choice Tour gives you plenty of flight time to explore and a half hour landing to take the most incredible pictures.

Another great Denali / Talkeetna tour is the combination of helicopter flight with a Mahay’s jet boat tour to visit the historic town of Curry. Lots of local culture and scenic vistas await you on this adventure, suitable for the entire family. We really enjoy this tour, and it includes lunch – what is not to like?

Historic Sheldon Mountain House

In partnership with the Sheldon Family we are thrilled to offer this exclusive tour through Denali National Park en route to the historic Sheldon Mountain House. This exclusive helicopter tour offers...
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Mountain House Heli Flightseeing

Denali Flightseeing & Landing

This is a unique opportunity to see Denali from another perspective. Fly by helicopter from Talkeetna towards the mountains and watch the grand spectacle unfold from a bird’s eye view. Massive glaciers...
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Denali Ak Pilots Choice Flightseeing Trip

Pilot’s Choice Flightseeing & Landing

This is our most versatile and popular tour in the Denali area. Like most big mountains, Denali creates its own weather and it is not always bluebird skies out there; in fact 2/3 of the people...
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Denali Talkeetna Jetboat

Helicopter & Jet Boat Combo

We really like this tour because it combines much of what Alaska has to offer in one package: a helicopter tour with views of Denali (weather permitting), a jet boat tour, and a guided tour…

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Sheldon Chalet Dinner

Savor a culinary experience as grand as Denali itself in one of the most spectacular places in the world. Your evening begins in either Anchorage or Talkeetna for a breathtaking scenic helicopter flight to Sheldon…

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