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Helicopter Flight with Glacier Snowmobile & Dogsled Combo

Dogsledding and snowmobiling on a glacier in the middle of summer? Why not? This epic adventures has it all! Start with a spectacular helicopter ride over glaciers and icebergs. Land on a huge snow field high on a glacier and enjoy a whole hour with Alaskan sled dogs and their mushers that live here all summer long. Take the dog team for an exhilarating dogsled ride through real snow. Next hop on your snowmobile and explore for another hour, accompanied by one of our guides. Each rider will have their own machine, or if you prefer to ride tandem with one of your teammates, we can do that too. This tour is not suitable for children under 10 years old and riders under 16 will have to be teamed up with an adult.

We will supply all snow machine gear including helmet, snowsuit, and boots; we recommend you bring a light hat, gloves and sunglasses. After the tour, the helicopter takes you back to our base and you’ll fly over the lower glaciers where you can see the blue melt pools and the crevasses. What an adventure!

Tour Details
  • Adult:$899
  • Child (2-11):$849
  • Private Surcharge:$160
  • Tour Duration:2 hr 30 min
  • Flight Time:30 min
  • Landing:Glacier Landing on snow
  • Departure:Knik River Lodge
  • Transfers:$49 add-on*
  • Dates of Operation:May 12 - Sept 1

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Tour Highlights

  • Flight over the majestic Chugach Range, Knik Glacier, Lake George and more
  • Includes a one-hour snowmobile adventure on real snow and a 1 hour dogsled tour
  • Fly down the Great Gorge of the Knik, awarded National Landmark status for its beauty
  • Small group size, very personal tour
  • Better weather than Juneau, Skagway or Seward, virtually no cancellations
  • Excellent chances of seeing wildlife from the helicopter

Tour Photos

Take a look at some of our most recent photos from this tour.

Our Reviews

"Dog Sledding Experience of a Lifetime!"

After a breath taking scenic and informative commentary by the very experienced helo pilot - Jemiah, we came into view of the Dog Sledding and Mushers Camp. As we set down and began to offload we were greeted by the barking of excited dogs ready and waiting near by to take us on our tour. The mascot and baby of camp - Silver was very much the favorite in everyone's hearts, the camp team included. After an interactive encounter with the dogs and our tear around the snow on a led we got he chance to discuss life on the frontier and spend more time with the dogs. Then, back to the chopper to make our descent to Knik River Lodge landing but not before taking off over the edge of the cliff for another breath taking view of the gorges and rivers below. Scenic cruise around the mountain tops searching for wildlife and a closer look at the glacier. before setting back down at the landing.

Michelle K
Helicopter & Glacier Dogsled Tour - 06/12/2018

"Knik Glacier tour and dogsled"

Amazing day! Once in a lifetime! Must do if near anchorage. Walked on Knik Glacier, drank glacier water, landed via helicopter ON the glacier. The dogs and dogsled are amazing. They live ON the glacier all summer. Our pilot, Josiah (taught us a ton about the glacier & was perfect pilot/guide), dogsled captain (wow!), and all with the company made our day spectacular! Bucket list - amazing day! Worth every penny!

Karen W
Helicopter & Glacier Dogsled Tour - 05/24/2018

"A dream come true."

This tour was without doubt the best experience ever. Jeff, the chopper pilot, was such a great guy. Great sense of humour and loads of interesting information. The dogs, including Nigel the very vicious terrier and Silver, the six month pup in training, were amazing. It was very clear from the moment we landed that the relationship between the mushers and their dogs was something I could have watched all day. The dogs love them and equally they loved their dogs. We were permitted to interact with the dogs as much as we liked and it was obvious that they were more interested in getting picked to be hitched to the sled to go for a run, than talking to us. These dogs are so fit and clearly love what they do. I could write about this fantastic adventure for hours but rather than reading my review, do yourself a favour and just go see and experience it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Our thanks to the very experienced team of mushers for answering all our questions and sharing your dogs with us. We enjoyed telling you all how life is like in the Australian outback too.

Annette J
Helicopter & Glacier Dogsled Tour - 06/25/2018

"Awesome Experience"

Absolutely loved this tour! Every moment was well organized from the chopper flight to the glacier landing and meeting the mushers. Friendly guides all round and really enjoyed talking to the head musher about working dogs in such extreme conditions, and he was also interested in my working sheep dogs out where I live, in central australia (very hot). The young girl leading our team of dogs was absolutely lovely and did a great job of controlling the dogs. We had a great time and I could have stayed easily there all day just talking to the mushers!!!

Highly recommended and well worth every penny! Made a little girls dream come true!

Mel A
Helicopter & Glacier Dogsled Tour - 06/25/2018


What an amazing and truly phenomenal experience! This was a bucket list item. The views from the helicopter were amazing. The pilot, Pam, was so informative. The crew at the sledding were wonderful and very knowledgeable. Getting to experience the dog sledding on this glacier was truly an experience I'll never forget. This trip is highly recommended by me!

Helicopter & Glacier Dogsled Tour - 9/10/2018

Excellent experience!

Today Josiah took us flight seeing and to a dog camp to dogsled on a glacier. What a phenomenal experience! Highly recommend this company for a personalized experience where you can be up close and see nature from a high up perspective.

Pam B
Helicopter & Glacier Dogsled Tour - 07/07/2017

"This is a must do adventure in Alaska"

Amazing experience!! The pilot was very informative and a great tour guide of the glaciers. I would strongly recommend the combination package of dogsledding and the glacier stop. This is a must do adventure in Alaska.

Shawn Zeller
Helicopter & Glacier Dogsled Tour - 08/06/2017

"Fabulous experience for the last day of our Alaskan experience"

This helicopter flight was a first for my husband and myself. Our pilot, Jason, used humor introducing us to his helicopter. He told us which parts of the helicopter to walk past and which parts to never walk toward upon entering and existing the helicopter. He quickly informed us of his flying experience and experience in the Air Force. He was serious about watching and noting gauges during takeoff and landing. The flight was smooth. We had a beautiful day. After the dog sledding, upon our return, he gave us significant views of the glacier and searched for animals on the hills. This was a fabulous experience for the last day of our Alaskan experience.

Anita Stokes
Helicopter & Glacier Dogsled Tour - 06/09/2017

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