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Iceberg Tour

Fly by helicopter to Lake George, awarded Natural Landmark status for it’s scenic beauty. Board our heavy duty inflatable boat with quiet outboard and explore giant icebergs with the most bizarre shapes. We’ll listen to the ice cracking and hopefully watch some big chunks fall into the lake. Take a piece of glacier ice back to put in your favorite drink tonight!

As the helicopter descents you’ll realize the scale of the glacier and icebergs; everything out here is XXL size! Some of the ‘bergs’ are the size of apartment buildings and may take several years to melt. As the helicopter sets down on the gravel beach your guide will get the boat ready. This is a 15′ long Zodiac-style boat, the same model used by Special Forces, equipped with a small, super quiet 4-stroke outboard motor. After donning your life jackets we’ll get you on board and be on our way to see the icebergs up close.

Within a few minutes the massive icefall of Colony glacier come into view and we’ll see the first icebergs drift by. Soon you’ll find yourself surrounded by giant icy monoliths; some of the bergs are smooth and deep blue, others are rough and bright white. The shapes and locations change daily due to exposure to sun, wind and water. We’ll get close to some big bergs (as long as it’s safe) – usually within 100′ or so. Since it’s an open boat you have great visibility all around, so get ready for lots of pictures of these incredible sculptures of nature. Our life jackets are fully insulated marine grade ‘floater jackets’, approved by the coast Guard for use on the ocean. The jackets will keep you safe and warm and have a full hood for those windy, cooler days out there.

Tour Details
  • Adult:$499
  • Child (2-11):$449
  • Tour Duration:2 hours
  • Flight Time:30 min
  • Landing:Gravel Beach Landing
  • Departure:Knik River Valley
  • Transfers:Available
  • Dates of Operation:May 5 - Sept 30

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Tour Highlights

  • Helicopter tour over the majestic Chugach Range & Knik Glacier
  • Birds eye views of crevasses, glacial rivers and water falls
  • Zodiac tour on Lake George to see the giant icebergs
  • Fly down the Great Gorge or the Knik
  • We often see moose, Dall sheep and bears on this trip

Tour Photos

Take a look at some of our most recent photos from this tour.

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