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Knik Glacier Landing

Our signature flightseeing and glacier landing tour, available in three different versions. All tours include a glacier landing right in the middle of Knik Glacier, where you can get out of the helicopter and spend about 30 minutes exploring ice thousands of years old with your pilot/guide. See the azure blue melt pools, crevasses and the bizarre ice formations created by water, wind and the sun.

Three Great Options to Choose From

60 minute tour – Best Value
The 60 minute flight departs from our Chugach Adventure Base (May – September) and takes you over the Knik river & glacier through the Great Gorge towards Whiteout Glacier, Colony Glacier and Lake George. We almost always see moose, mountain goats, bands of Dall sheep and often times bears.

75 minute tour – Most popular
The 75 minute tour is our most popular version as it includes everything you see on the 60 minute tour but adds more time to explore around Mount Gannet, Lake George Glacier or the upper Knik, depending on weather that day.

150 minute tour – Available Year Round
This tour departs from our base in downtown Anchorage and is available year round. This tour shows you all the scenery along the way: Ship Creek, Eklutna Lake, plus the glaciers that you see on the shorter tours. More time in the air means more changes for wildlife. Great tour option in the winter months with the orange and purple light over the glaciers!

60 min Tour
  • Adult:$359
  • Child (2-11):$309
  • Private Surcharge:$150
  • Tour Duration:1 hour
  • Flight Time:30 min
  • Landing:Glacier Landing
  • Departure:Knik River Valley
  • Transfers:Available
  • Dates of Operation:Mar 1 - Sept 30

*March & April: Saturdays Only

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75 min Tour
  • Adult:$499
  • Child (2-11):$449
  • Private Surcharge:$150
  • Tour Duration:1:15 hours
  • Flight Time:45 min
  • Landing:Glacier Landing
  • Departure:Knik River Valley
  • Transfers:Available
  • Dates of Operation:Mar 1 - Sept 30

*March & April: Saturdays Only

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150 min Tour
  • Adult:$749
  • Child (2-11):$699
  • Private Surcharge:$150
  • Tour Duration:2:30 hours
  • Flight Time:90 min
  • Landing:Glacier Landing
  • Departure:Merill Field - Anchorage
  • Transfers:Hotel in Anchorage
  • Dates of Operation:Year Round

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Tour Highlights

  • Flight over the majestic Chugach Range, Whiteout Glacier, and landing on Knik Glacier
  • Birds eye views of glacial crevasses, moulins, glacial rivers and water falls
  • Land right on the glacier, and explore on foot with your pilot / guide
  • Fly down the Great Gorge or the Knik, awarded National Landmark status for it’s beauty
  • Longer flight time means more chance of seeing wildlife!

Our Reviews

"By far the highlight of the trip"

Our Alaska trip has included bear watching, rafting, a train ride, a day cruise and many activities, but the helicopter landing on the glacier was by far the highlight of the trip. There are not enough superlatives to describe walking on Knik glacier. Our pilot, Pablo, was excellent and a perfect guide. Do not miss this!!

Susan Gray
Knik Glacier Landing - 08/15/2017

"Definitely worth every penny!"

You gotta do this! Some friends and I took the glacier Landing Tour and it was awesome. The views are incredible and Alaska is beautiful from the air. We actually landed on a glacier and walked around. it was like a postcard in every direction. Our helicopter pilot, Jeff Freeman, is a skilled pilot we felt safe with right from the start and the birds are state of the art for private helicopters. Definitely worth every penny!

Bobby Woolslayer
Knik Glacier Landing - 07/19/2017

"What an amazing company!"

OMGosh! What an amazing company! The day before we were to fly out of Anchorage my Dad who is 86 ,Had seen an ad on the Alaska channel for helicopter flights. He asked if my brother, my husband & I would be interested in a helicopter tour. I grabbed some brochures from the hotel as we were on our way to Whittier for a glacier cruise. I called a couple companies who were on phone mail &/or couldnt return my call til after 7pm or we're booked til the end of July. I then called Anchorage Helicopter Tours - no phone message, Joel the owner answered the phone. We wanted a flight out of Anchorage for 4 but what was available would have meant we'd be split in 2 groups. He suggested a flight an hour north of Anchorage that would accommodate the 4 of us and would cost less IF we were willing to drive up there & IF he could get it arranged for the next AM. We said "yes" & he text later with a time that worked for us & a price we couldn't refuse! (Thanks, Joel!)

This was so last minute for us & they were great at getting this arranged on such a short notice & allowing payment the next AM. We arrived a few minutes before our expected time. Pablo was our pilot. He was so kind to my dad helping him in& out of the helicopter, applying cleats to his shoes, got him a heavier coat to wear & took several pictures with our cameras. He allowed us plenty of time on the glacier & in the air. Pablo was very knowledgeable & seemed to enjoy his job.He even gave my dad a nice gift at the end of the flight! Thank you, Pablo!

Thanks to this whole company who had prompt & polite service. My Dad is 86, he never thought he'd have a chance to go to Alaska much less take a helicopter flight & walk on a glacier. He was so happy to have the experience - & I was very happy with the service provided!

Thanks again, Joel, Pablo, Doc & Nora!

Jan Yegge
Knik Glacier Landing - 07/12/2017

"Truly made this trip to Alaska special"

Lief was our pilot. He went over and beyond to try and find moose, bears. We saw both. Even about 8 swans. It was a spectacular trip. The landing on the glacier was Amazing with a capitol A. Truly made this trip to Alaska special.

Helen Mosbrooker
Knik Glacier Landing - 07/06/2017

"My first trip to Alaska one I won't forget!"

I was in Anchorage for a very short time on business and wanted to see the sights. Doc worked with me to get me on a tour on very short notice! My pilot, Leif, was very knowledgeable about the area and a pleasure to spend a couple hours of my day with. Anchorage Helicopter Tours made my first trip to Alaska one I won't soon forget!

Christopher Purcell
Knik Glacier Landing - 05/22/2017

"One of the most memorable and worthwhile experiences we've had"

My wife had never been to Alaska, so on a recent visit to Anchorage we decided to see some sights and booked a tour with Anchorage Helicopter Tours to do a helicopter tour of the Knik Glacier. Doc (Joe) worked with us a week prior to smooth out some issues in our booking and even drove us up to the Knik Lodge to get picked up by the chopper.

Our pilot (John) was amazing, swinging across the landscape to point out mountain goats and sheep on the hills before landing us in an amazing spot on the glacier between two pools of azure blue glacier water. The day was amazingly perfect and we spent a glorious time hiking on the glacier and taking tons of photos (of which both John and Joe were exercising their artistic talents by assisting with photographs).

I'll admit when I booked the tickets, I was slightly apprehensive. The tickets were expensive, I'd never flown in a helicopter, and landing on a glacier seemed somewhat, I'm a rather large man (6'5", 350+ lbs). I couldn't have been more mistaken...for it was one of the most memorable and worthwhile experiences we've had. The ride was practically spacious, smooth, and the experience well worth it.

Special thanks to Joe and John for making our day with such an amazing life experience! We'll definitely tell our friends!

Brad K
Knik Glacier Landing - 05/21/2017

"Highly recommend Anchorage Helicopter Tours"

What an AWESOME adventure!!! We were picked up from our hotel by Evan and Erin, taken to the hanger. We met our pilot was Pablo, he took my sister (Tammy) and I out over the breathtaking scenic landscapes, and gave a very informative tour. He flew low and slow over the glaciers, doing a second pass for us to see as much as possible - before a gentle landing near the Knik Glacier.

Although we had an unexpected "extended" tour.. 🙂 - we had the best time! Pablo was fantastic...cannot speak more highly of an experienced, knowledgeable, friendly & warm guy! ..We returned back to the hanger with another pilot, Josiah, another knowledgeable and friendly guy.. We had brilliant time out in the snow and up in the air - highly recommend Anchorage Helicopter Tours.

From two Aussies, who haven't seen all that much snow or picturesque landscapes - this was awe inspiring and flat out breathtaking!!! Hats off to Pablo!!!!

Carolynn Wade
Knik Glacier Landing - 03/26/2017

"Spectacular pilot, we had a blast!"

Josiah was a spectacular pilot and flew the Raven like it was an extension of his mind! Safety and comfort were paramount with the experience. We had a blast! Awe struck by the beauty of the mountains, water and glaciers. We were up here on business and took some time to enjoy a spectacular tour to celebrate Veteran's Day with our Paw! We will definitely be back!

The Wiltons
Knik Glacier Landing - 11/11/2016

"The entire experience was unforgettable!"

I am so grateful for Anchorage Helicopter Tours and the life time experience that they provided for my daughter and I. It was my daughters 10th birthday and it was a surprise gift to land on a glacier in a helicopter and play on 500ft of ice underneath of us! It was one of the most breathtaking and spectacular views you will ever see.

Our pilot was very accommodating and gave so much interesting facts of nature all around us, it was great! The entire experience was unforgettable and it is a day neither my daughter nor I will ever forget. Thank you Anchorage Helicopter Tours, we can't wait to do it again!!

Tammy Lou
Knik Glacier Landing - 09/01/2016

"Comfortable and thrilling glacier landing!"

Anchorage Helicopter Tours and their personnel, Joel, Josiah and Pablo provided my wife and I with a once in a lifetime experience. Their friendliness and attention to safety made the helicopter tour and glacier landing comfortable and thrilling. I would 100% recommend this tour and Anchorage Helicopter Tours to anyone going to Alaska! See some of Alaska's majesty in a most unique way.

Roger Erwin
Knik Glacier Landing - 08/25/2016

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