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Helicopter Tours

Our helicopter tours in Anchorage are simply put… amazing! It’s the best way to see Alaska and within minutes from Anchorage you could be flying over our impressive Chugach Mountain Range, landing on a glacier and walking on frozen glacial ice or hiking on high alpine tundra. It’s your chance for an ultimate adventure – come experience Alaska with Anchorage Helicopter Tours.

We have two convenient locations and a shuttle to pick you up from your hotel. Join us today! Call 907-272-7777 or book online. We’re open year round, 7 days a week (well, maybe not on Thanksgiving and Christmas…)

Anchorage City Tour Night Time

Anchorage City Tour

Whether in the daylight or night time, “this is your tour”. A wonderful 15 minute flight circling Anchorage from the mountains to the water. Leaving Merrill Field from the heart of downtown Anchorage, your flight…
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Ship Creek Helicopter Tour

Mountains & Ocean

Leaving Merrill Field in the heart of downtown Anchorage, your flight will head east toward the front range of the Chugach Mountains where we meet up with Ship Creek at the Ft. Richardson Hydro-Dam. From…
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Alaska Glacier Landings

Knik Glacier Tour & Landings

Our signature flightseeing and glacier landing tour, available in three different versions. All tours include a glacier landing right in the middle of Knik Glacier, where you can get out of the helicopter and spend…

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Helicopter Tours Dogsled Tour

Helicopter & Glacier Dogsled Tours

The classic Alaskan adventure and our most popular tour! Drive your now sled-dog team on real snow in the middle of summer surrounded by amazing scenery. Start this adventure with a spectacular helicopter…
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Anchorage Eagle Glacier Tour

Eagle Glacier Tour

Limited time and never seen a glacier up close? Look no further! The flight time for this tour is just under an hour and takes you east over the Chugach Mountains to Eagle Glacier, the closest glacier to...
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Alaska Photography Heli Tours

Heli Hiking & Photo Tour

This is one of our staff favorites because you have time to really experience the stunning beauty of the area. There are dozens of incredible high-alpine locations the are ideally suited for heli hiking…
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Wildlife Tour

Flying over the Chugach mountains and glaciers for over 10 years we have found that some places are always teeming with wildlife. One of these places is a steep, hidden valley near the Knik glacier,…
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Epic Adventure Glacier Kayak

Epic Adventures

Are you one of those thrill seekers that have done it all and seen everything? Maybe not...we bet you never took a fat-bike high on a glacier, or kayaked inside a giant crevasse. How about…

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Zodiac Iceberg Tour

Iceberg Tour

Fly by helicopter to Lake George, awarded Natural Landmark status for it's scenic beauty. Board our heavy duty inflatable boat with quiet outboard and explore giant icebergs with the most bizarre shapes. We’ll listen to…

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