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Alaska Helicopter Tours

Flightseeing in Alaska is simply put… amazing! Our helicopter tours are the best way to see the natural splendor of the last frontier state. Within minutes from take off, you could be flying over massive mountains, landing on a glacier, mushing a sled dog team, or hiking on high alpine tundra. Come experience Alaska with Alaska Helicopter Tours.

We have three base locations where we launch our helicopter tours in Alaska, with shuttles to pick you up from your hotel. Join us today! Call 907-272-7777 or book online. We’re open year-round, 7 days a week (well, maybe not on Thanksgiving and Christmas…)

Ship Creek Helicopter Tour

Mountains & Ocean

Leaving Merrill Field in the heart of downtown Anchorage, your flight will head east toward the front range of the Chugach Mountains where we meet up with Ship Creek at the Ft. Richardson Hydro-Dam. From…
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Alaska Glacier Landings

Knik Glacier Tour & Landings

Our signature flightseeing and glacier landing tour, available in three different versions. All tours include a glacier landing right in the middle of Knik Glacier, where you can get out of the helicopter and spend…

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Helicopter Tours Dogsled Tour

Helicopter & Glacier Dogsled Tours

The classic Alaskan adventure and our most popular tour! Drive your now sled-dog team on real snow in the middle of summer surrounded by amazing scenery. Start this adventure with a spectacular helicopter…
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Anchorage Eagle Glacier Tour

Eagle Glacier Tour

Limited time and never seen a glacier up close? Look no further! The flight time for this tour is just under an hour and takes you east over the Chugach Mountains to Eagle Glacier, the closest glacier to...
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Alaska Photography Heli Tours

Heli Hiking & Photo Tour

This is one of our staff favorites because you have time to really experience the stunning beauty of the area. There are dozens of incredible high-alpine locations the are ideally suited for heli hiking…
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Iceberg Viewing Tour

Iceberg Tour

Fly by helicopter to Lake George, awarded Natural Landmark status for its scenic beauty. On the way, admire the mighty Knik Glacier from the helicopter. We often see wildlife; bears, moose and mountain goats are…

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Summer Snowmobile Tour

Summer Snowmobile Tour

Drive your own snow machine on real snow in the middle of summer surrounded by amazing scenery. Start this adventure with a spectacular helicopter ride over glaciers and icebergs. We often see moose, black bears,…

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Heli Fat Bike Tour

What Is A FAT Bike? A fat bike is a bike that has tires that are 4” wide. To ride one for the first time is to rediscover biking! Let your inner child out and explore to your hearts content on these bouncy, confident,...
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Historic Sheldon Mountain House

In partnership with the Sheldon Family we are thrilled to offer this exclusive tour through Denali National Park en route to the historic Sheldon Mountain House. This exclusive helicopter tour offers...
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Mountain House Heli Flightseeing

Denali Flightseeing & Landing

This is a unique opportunity to see Denali from another perspective. Fly by helicopter from Talkeetna towards the mountains and watch the grand spectacle unfold from a bird’s eye view. Massive glaciers...
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Denali Ak Pilots Choice Flightseeing Trip

Pilot’s Choice Flightseeing & Landing

This is our most versatile and popular tour in the Denali area. Like most big mountains, Denali creates its own weather and it is not always bluebird skies out there; in fact 2/3 of the people...
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Denali Talkeetna Jetboat

Helicopter & Jet Boat Combo

We really like this tour because it combines much of what Alaska has to offer in one package: a helicopter tour with views of Denali (weather permitting), a jet boat tour, and a guided tour…

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Helicopter and Dry-land Dogsled Tour

Combine a helicopter tour with views of Denali and mushing your own team of huskies for an exhilarating trail ride. The helicopter takes off from the airport in Talkeetna and will whisk you around town...
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Epic Adventures Fat Bike Tour

Epic Adventures

Are you one of those thrill seekers that have done it all and seen everything? Maybe not...we bet you never did a fat-bike helicopter tour, or kayaked on top of a glacier. How about exploring…

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Winter Dogsled Tour Anchorage

Winter Helicopter & Dogsled Tour

Our signature winter sightseeing and dogsled tour! Enjoy a scenic helicopter ride of approximately 25 minutes as we take you over the mountains to Willow. We land right next to the dog kennel where our…

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AK Winter Snowmobile Tour

Winter Helicopter & Snowmobile Tour

An adrenaline packed winter adventure! Enjoy a 25 minute scenic helicopter tour as the helicopter zips you over the mountains to our winter base in Willow. Your snowmobile (up here we call it 'snowmachine' or…

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Gift Cards

Looking for an amazing gift idea? Alaska Helicopter Tours has gift cards available that can be used year round and they never expire! Available in $50, $100 and $200 or any custom amount.

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