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Why You Should Go Dog Sledding While You’re In Alaska

Why You Should Go Dog Sledding While You’re in Alaska

So you’ve decided to go to Alaska for your next vacation. That’s amazing! Alaska is filled with gorgeous views, exciting adventures, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But if there’s anything you absolutely need to do in Alaska, it’s going dog sledding. Here are just a few reasons you should go dog sledding while you’re in Alaska.

A New and Exciting Experience

When you think of vacation, it’s normal to think about lounging on a beach or swimming in a big resort pool. But if you’re the adventurous type, you know that laying around on a beach just isn’t for you. Dog sledding not only allows you to see the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, it’s an adventure! This traditional means of transportation is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t come across anywhere else. Learning how to communicate with the sled dogs and direct them through the tundra will surely be an adventure and a learning experience that you will never forget. It will test your body, your mind, and your skill when you go dog sledding.

Meet Some Friendly Dogs

If you’re a dog lover, this is definitely the experience for you. Not only are these sled dogs highly trained and sturdy, they’re friendly! While you may be used to working dogs, there’s no doubt that you’ve never seen any working dogs quite like these lovable fluffs. Sledding dogs are trained to respond to certain commands and directions from whoever is manning their sled. And they love to run! You’ll get to know all of these dogs before you start sledding — building that relationship is important when you’re manning the sled. Not to mention, you might even get the chance to offer them a treat or two afterward.

Enjoy Sightseeing

When you go dog sledding, you’ll be able to experience so much more than just the feel of a sled beneath your feet. You’ll be able to fully take in the Alaskan wilderness in all its splendor! Since this area is largely untouched by humans, there isn’t much noise or light pollution. You’ll be able to see clear skies, snow, and forests for miles. You might just end up seeing some of the over 100,000 black bears living in Alaska during your ride. Though seemingly barren at times, Alaska is teeming with unique animal life. There are even potentially active volcanoes in this state.

An Alaskan vacation is truly an experience you’ll never forget. Whether you go dog sledding or take a helicopter tour over the massive glaciers, there’s no end to Alaska’s raw beauty.

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